Our Team

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Lou Dellemonache

Lou Dellemonache
Vice President of Sales

Vince Gianfrancesco_Flip1.jpg

Vince Gianfrancesco
Director of Sales

Kevin Proctor_Flip.jpg

Kevin Proctor
Sales Manager, PA & WV

Eric Olson_Flip1.jpg

Eric Olson
Sales Manager, OH


Jennifer Logsdon_Flip.jpg

Jen Logsdon
Operations Manager

/customer/images/Lauren Plummer_Flip

Lauren Wally
Marketing Manager


Account Managers

Ronnie Adkins_Flip1.jpg

Ronnie Adkins
Account Manager

Luke Burkholder_Flip.jpg

Luke Burkholder
Account Manager

Shelby Frangione_Flip_Flip.jpg

Shelby Frangione
Account Manager

Jim Hepler_Flip_Flip.jpg

Jim Hepler
Account Manager

Candace Jefferson_Flip.jpg

Candace Jefferson
Account Manager

Brian McCune_Flip.jpg

Brian McCune
Account Manager

Nicholas Parkes_Flip.jpg

Nick Parkes
Account Manager

Rick Saunders_Flip.jpg

Rick Saunders
Account Manager


Morgan Rector_Flip.jpg

Morgan Zuk
Account Manager


Inside Sales & Marketing

Teresa Butkiewicz_Flip.jpg

Teresa Butkiewicz
Inside Sales

Kara Fenechi_Flip.jpg

Kara Fenechi
Inside Sales

Shannon Fields_Flip.jpg

Shannon Fields
Inside Sales


Paul Futo
Inside Sales

Rich Heinrich_Flip.jpg

Rich Heinrich
Inside Sales

Casey Houdek_Flip.jpg

Casey Houdek
Inside Sales

Jake Loczi_Flip.jpg

Jake Loczi
Inside Sales

Hank Telep_Flip.jpg

Hank Telep
Inside Sales

Stephanie Dreyer_Flip.jpg

Stephanie Dreyer
Sales Coordinator

Erica Evans_Flip.jpg

Erica Evans
Creative Marketing Specialist




Paul Gazzo
Sr. Application Engineer

Ncik Korzi_Flip.jpg

Nick Korzi
Application Engineer

Tom Kuenzig_Flip.jpg

Tom Kuenzig
Application Engineer

Chris Nehoda_Flip.jpg

Chris Nehoda
Application Engineer

Bob Palte_Flip.jpg

Bob Palte, P.E.
Application Engineer



Anthony Matuga_Flip.jpg

Anthony Matuga
Procurement Assistant

Dan Boigner_Flip.jpg

Dan Boigner

Jason Pidhirny_Flip.jpg

Jason Pidhirny
Shipping & Receiving


Allison Jones_Flip.jpg

Allison Jones
Accounting Clerk

Chris Taylor_Flip.jpg

Christine Taylor
Accounts Receivable


Proudly Based in the United States!

ACD has two locations geographically positioned to ensure maximum customer support. The company headquarters, strategically located in Cranberry Twp., PA, is a state-of-the-art facility, with 14,000 square feet of office, training, and warehouse space.

ACD has an additional branch location in Strongsville, OH to cover our expanding position in the OH and WV markets. All locations have a dynamic sales team and application engineering staff to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and success.