Our Team

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Lou Dellemonache

Lou Dellemonache
Vice President of Sales

Vince Gianfrancesco_Flip1.jpg

Vince Gianfrancesco
Director of Sales

Kevin Proctor_Flip.jpg

Kevin Proctor
Sales Manager, PA & WV

Eric Olson_Flip1.jpg

Eric Olson
Director of Business Development


Jennifer Logsdon_Flip.jpg

Jen Logsdon
Manager - Sales Operations

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Lauren Wally
Marketing Manager


Account Managers

Ronnie Adkins_Flip1.jpg

Ronnie Adkins
Account Manager

Luke Burkholder_Flip.jpg

Luke Burkholder
Account Manager

Shelby Frangione_Flip_Flip.jpg

Shelby Frangione
Account Manager

Candace Jefferson_Flip.jpg

Candace Jefferson
Account Manager

Nicholas Parkes_Flip.jpg

Nick Parkes
Account Manager

Rick Saunders_Flip.jpg

Rick Saunders
Account Manager

Morgan Rector_Flip.jpg

Morgan Zuk
Account Manager


Inside Sales & Marketing

Teresa Butkiewicz_Flip.jpg

Teresa Butkiewicz
Inside Sales

Allison Jones_Flip.jpg

Allison Jones
Inside Sales

Shannon Fields_Flip.jpg

Shannon Fields
Team Leader - Customer Service


Paul Futo
Inside Sales

Rich Heinrich_Flip.jpg

Rich Heinrich
Inside Sales

Casey Houdek_Flip.jpg

Casey Houdek
Inside Sales

Jake Loczi_Flip.jpg

Jake Loczi
Inside Sales


Ryan McLaughlin
Inside Sales

Hank Telep_Flip.jpg

Hank Telep
Inside Sales

Stephanie Dreyer_Flip.jpg

Stephanie Dreyer
Sales Coordinator

Erica Evans_Flip.jpg

Erica Evans
Creative Marketing Specialist



Ncik Korzi_Flip.jpg

Nick Korzi
Application Engineer

Tom Kuenzig_Flip.jpg

Tom Kuenzig
Application Engineer

Chris Nehoda_Flip.jpg

Chris Nehoda
Application Engineer

Bob Palte_Flip.jpg

Bob Palte, P.E.
Application Engineer




Kathy Smith
Customer Service Representative

Dan Boigner_Flip.jpg

Dan Boigner


Christian D. Finley-Guido
Shipping & Receiving

Jason Pidhirny_Flip.jpg

Jason Pidhirny
Warehouse Supervisor


Chris Taylor_Flip.jpg

Christine Taylor
Accounts Receivable