SC FUSE 700V 50A QS 14X51

Item #: A70QS50-14F

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These Premium Amp-trap French Cylindrical Semiconductor Fuses are an extension of the popular A70QS product line. They are solid-fill 14mm and 22mm fuses IEC rated 690VAC, 200kA Interrupting and 700VDC, 100kA interrupting at 10ms time constant. In addition, these fuses have an 890 VDC rating for capacitor discharge applications up to 2.5ms time constant. All ampere ratings are available with a striker. Applications include small inverter drives and UPS systems, with superior I²t for improved protection and performance.

690V IEC rated, tested at 760VAC; can be used up to 750VAC in U.S.; International 14 × 51mm (2 In x 9/16 In) and 22 × 58mm (2-1/4 In x 13/16 In) sizes for worldwide acceptance; Ferrule mount for design versatility; Superior cycling ability for longer life on difficult cyclic loading applications; Very low I2t for improved semiconductor protection; 700VDC rated for dc protection of equipment with L/R <= 10ms/c

Item Specifications

  • 10-800 A
  • Ceramic
  • 690 V
$111.09 /EA
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