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SPD Type 2+3, 10kA, Uc420V, C12, Harwired

Item #: 83230302

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STL T23 is the series of robust 10-20 kV combined Type 2+3/Class II+III devices for discharging voltage surges while providing a very fine voltage protection level, in accordance with EN/IEC 61643. Suitable for protection of LED outdoor luminaires (street-light). Due to the exposure of the extremely sensitive LED electronics to lightning–induced overvoltages, STL T23 is a widespread market solution amongst OEM manufacturers of LED lighting systems.

STL, STLB; End of life indication; Hardwired, in-line format; Miniature size and easy to install; Class 1 and Class 2 luminaires, universal solutions; EN 61643-11; IEC 61643-11; IEE/ANSI C62.41.2

Item Specifications

  • Spain
  • 10 kA
  • 80 °C
  • -40 °C
  • 5 kA
  • 25 Nano-Seconds
  • 6.2 lb-in
$216.14 /EA

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