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SPD Type 2, 40kA, Ucpv 1500V, YPV PV, 3 Poles, 3 Modules, Pluggable, Remote

Item #: 83020159

Product Info


STP T2 40 PV is the series of devices that provide advanced overvoltage protection to photovoltaic systems by utilizing Mersen’s optimized dynamic thermal disconnection system, which does not require additional overcurrent protection (back-up fuse) due to its high short-circuit withstand rating. These surge protective devices are suitable for all PV applications large-scale, rooftop and self-consumption (off-grid) DC installations. The series includes specific multipole products for multiple MPPT (Maximum power point tracker) inverters.

UL 1449 4th Ed.; EN 50539-11; IEC 61643-31; Mechanically coded cartridges to avoid cartridge replacement errors; Reversible chassis to allow cable entry from above or below; Visual and remote end of life indicators; Multiple MPPT specific products with UL 1449 certification; DIN-rail mountable, plug-in format

Item Specifications

  • Spain
  • 40 kA
  • 85 °C
  • -40 °C
  • 15 kA
  • 3
  • 25 Nano-Seconds
  • 35.4 lb-in
$869.41 /EA

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