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Magswitch MagSquare 1000 – 8100099

Item #: 8100099

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Hold just about anything, just about anywhere. The MagSquare 1000 is an On/Off Magnetic workholding square with 1000 lb. (450 kg) of hold force. Our MagSquares provide a new level of fast and easy multiplane workholding when positioning steel.

On/Off Magswitch Magnet control.; Stays clean – when off, debris falls off.; Magnetic grip on 5 sides –strong on 3 sides.; Super fast set ups and instant workholding.; Pipe notch -to grip flat and pipe.; Precise placement turns all the way off –stays clean.; On/off control -No fighting magnet for precise positioning.; Create your own fabrication jigs by mounting in M6 holes.; Stays clean –unlike traditional magnetic squares that hold on to metal chips even when off, with Magswitch you won’t cut your fingers cleaning away steel debris.; Machined at 90 degrees.; Multi Plane workholding with hold force on all sides.

$433.34 /EA

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